Welcome to the World of Lorraine Innis

Welcome to the world of Lorraine Innis. What kind of a world is it? It’s a world filled with self-absorbed princesses, self-serving bureaucrats, befuddled politicians, jilted lovers, cowboy wannabes, laconic hitmen, scheming bankers, homicidal little old ladies… so it’s a world very much like our own. And in the middle of it all is Lorraine, an unlikely heroine, a woman with a secret! Her secret is so secret even Lorraine doesn’t know what it is!

G.C. Allen's Lorraine Innis series begins with The Kind of a Girl and continues through seven adventures that promise to entertain and amuse!  The Lorraine Innis novels are perfect for book clubs and discussion groups.  Visit the "Book Club" link for guides on how to throw your own Lorraine Innis meeting including: questions, notes, quizzes, and even menu suggestions from the stories!  And visit the store page for fun Lorraine Innis merchandise.


The Kind
of a Girl

What kind of a girl is Lorraine Innis? She’s the kind of a girl who’s on a mission. She the kind of a girl who’s looking for justice (or is it revenge? Lorraine’s never quite sure about that). She’s the kind of a girl who’s about to make the news of the world! She's an unlikely heroine on a secret mission that's so secret that even Lorraine doesn't know what it is.  But then she's remembering to forget. When you're on a secret mission the last thing you want to do is become famous. Whoops!  But then life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

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The Girl in the
Diamond Studded Heels

The Girl in the Diamond Studded Heels picks up right where The Kind of a Girl ends, the very next morning in fact, and there's little rest for Lorraine. Now she has to deal with international celebrity, and numerous schemes against her, all while trying to recall the most basic facts of her life.

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The Girl in the
Aubergine Sandals

The story of Lorraine Innis thickens in The Girl in the Aubergine Sandals.  Learn the events, motivations, and people who helped shape Lorraine into the kind of girl the world loves.  Find out: what you do say to a girl with heterochrormia; new uses for anise seed; and, how to get a dog to perform delicate surgery!


Coming in 2019!