Lorraine Innis Stuff!

Some Fun Stuff for the Kind of a Girl You Are!


If you're a fan of the Lorraine Innis series of books, you'll definitely want to check out some of these cool items!

The Fandana is a free "thank you" gift when you post your review of "The Kind of a Girl" on Amazon.
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Be The Kind of a Girl who always looks her best.  You can when you have the hand Kind of a Girl Folding Brush in your purse!  It opens up to a full size brush, and even has a mirror in the handle for quick touch-ups!  See The Kind of a Girl Bookclub Group on Facebook for details!

Another fun item for your purse... It's the Girl in the Blood Red Stilettos Keychain.  Your keys will be that much easier to find and dare I say a little sexier with this keychain featuring the cover of the sixth book in the Lorraine Innis series!   

New!  It's the Lorraine Innis Grocery Tote Bag!  This handy, reusable, washable tote is perfect for trips to the store!  The front features all seven titles in the Lorraine Innis series that you can check off as you read them!  The bright green color is easy to spot and is inspired by Verity Goohue's boots in The Girl in the Lime Green Wellies!