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Authors depend so much on the reviewers of their loyal readers!
I know that it takes effort to write a review, and I appreciate it so much.  See the Fun Stuff and Swag page for information on the little "thank you's" that I love to send my reviewers.  Here are a few of the comments on the Lorraine Innis books... 

Some Reviews for "The Kind of a Girl"

"Hilariously Entertaining - Lorraine Innis is the kind of a girl I'm so happy to have just had a crazy and wild adventure with! Oh, my gosh! Was it ever an adventure! I love this author's quirky, hilarious, and unique style of storytelling. If you want a read that takes you on a crazy, wild ride, one that makes you laugh, one that is amusing and entertaining, then this is a must! I am so happy that I picked this book up and began my adventures with Lorraine Innis, The Kind of a Girl I want to have in my future book adventures. Ms. Allen leaves the door open at the end of this book for just that opportunity! This is the first book I've read by this author but far from the last, for sure! I want to thank G. C. Allen for a read that took me into the life of Lorraine! It was GREAT!!! A five star laughing escapade of FUN!"


"A Wild Ride That Will Keep You Laughing - If you are a fan of fast paced stories that are laugh out loud hilarious, have fun and quirky characters you never saw coming and a book that are unable to put down because you have to know how the "mission" will go, then The Kind of a Girl by G.C. Allen should be your next read!"

"Light, funny read! - This book made me laugh out loud so many times! The crazy characters and twists, it was a very quick but amazing read! I recommend this book you need a fun, hilarious read!"

"A Book Full of Suprises - The Kind of a Girl was my first read by G.C. Allen and won’t be my last. I was a bit surprised by the story but it was funny and entertaining. Definitely some good laughs with all of Lorraine Innis’s antics. So many twists and turns kept you reading more. Looking forward to reading the next book. A good read and highly recommend."

"Laugh out loud page turner - This is a fun, fast paced story, full of funky characters, that had me literally laughing out loud! Definitely a page turner, as I had to know how "the mission" turned out. Highly recommend this book!"

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And Here Are Some Reviews for "The Girl in the Diamond Studded Heels"

"So Enjoyable - You can't help but giggle at Lorraine Inn is, the POTUS and the other memorable characters in the second installment of The Kind of Girl series."

"The Wild Ride Continues - This story picks up right where The Kind of a Girl left off. The characters really come to life in this adventure. I am loving Purvis Twankey. He is so special. What a great character! What I really liked was how Lorraine keeps coming out on top despite her "enemies" efforts to the contrary. She doesn't even realize it which makes it sort of comical. Her way of thinking is matter of fact, innocent and honest. The stardom she receives despite initially trying to blend in makes the story that much more enjoyable. You get drawn in to the story with all the wonderful characters and the events that unfold which brings unexpected laughter."

"Lorraine is at it again! - Love this Author, this story and her books. This kooky continuing story of Lorraine still trying to get justice for Martina’s death. Her crazy antics land her and her friends in some quirky funny situations. Definitely great story, good series, who can keep up with Lorraine’s crazy antics, a keeper for your home library for sure!!!

"A Fun Read - G.C. Allen's "The Girl in the Diamond studded Heels" is the continuation of "The Kind of a Girl", a quirky, oftentimes humorous depiction of the escapades of the main character, Lorraine Innis. Lorraine is a likable heroine who finds herself in awkward situations with entertaining results, and her adventures continue in this latest installment. Many of the quirky cast of characters return from the first installment, and are just as enjoyable as they were in the first book. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers seeking a fast-paced, clever romp in Lorraine Innis's world. It is a quick read and fun, but I would advise to purchase "The Kind of Girl" before reading this one, as it is a continuation. It is well-written and quirky and I can't wait for the next installment."

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And If You Hated "The Kind of a Girl" and "The Girl in the Diamond Studded Heels,"
You'll Detest Book 3: "The Girl in the Aubergine Sandals!"

"A Great Continuation of the Series - "The Girl in the Aubergine Sandals" by G.C. Allen is a quirky, humorous read, just like the two preceding volumes, "The Kind of a Girl" and "The Girl in the Diamond Studded Heels". This book takes up where the other two left off, with Lorraine's plans for justice having been thwarted. With a clever story line and the introduction of new characters, including Lorraine's aunt, Elinor Potoski, an engaging character. Many of these new characters are quirky, outrageous and amusing.  Since I have a soft-spot for the quirky, unusual, and unique, I have a soft-spot for G.C. Allen's books. Cleverly crafted and quite original, they are unlike anything I have read before, therefore I would have to rate this book five stars."

"Crazy and Fun! - The Girl in the Aubergine Sandals is the third book in G.C Allen’s The Lorraine Innis Series. I forgot how much I loved the first two books, this book is just as crazy and fun as the first books in this series. This book will make you laugh out loud and make people around you wonder what you are laughing at. The Girl in the Aubergine Sandals will keep you entertained and turning the pages. G.C Allen wrote a delightful story which drew me right in, making me forget everything else and did not let me go until I turned the last page. This is one of those books you just can’t put down. I can’t wait to read book four to see what Lorraine is up to next. I highly recommend this series."

"I was so excited for book #3 to finally come out. I know when I pick up a book in the Lorraine Innis series, I know I'm going to have a great, quirky, fun read! I loved that this book took you back to some of the life of Aunt Elinor and Pru. This was still a laugh out loud book! The characters in this book are fun and you can see their growth in each novel. The plot keeps you entertained right from the beginning to the end. I was happy to learn new things about some of my favorite characters! I'm dying for book #4 to come out!!!!!"

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And the Reviews Keeping Coming - Here are some for "The Girl in the Lime Green Wellies."

"Entertaining, Laugh Out Loud Kind -Another crazy, fun and entertaining book to keep you turning the pages. This is one of those books you just can’t put down. I can’t wait to read book five to see what Lorraine is up to next. I highly recommend this series. The story is very well written the characters are funny and well developed. Ms. Allen wrote a wonderful story which drew me right in, had me laughing throughout. If you like humorous, fast paced, make you feel good books then this series is for you. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on book #5."

" Enjoyable Read That Draws You In - Kudos to G.C. Allen for keeping the reader engaged and wanting to know and love these characters. If you haven't started this journey, you need to be That Kind of a Girl and get this series!"

"Delaware Meets Lorraine Innis -  Well I had and an adventure rereading this book because it was a book that I want to visit again along with the 3rd book. So this last week I went on a Lorraine Innis vacation so I did and Lorraine Innis books did make me laugh and gave me the pick up that I need. Grace wrote this one and hit it right out of the ball park."

"I enjoy G.C. Allen's writing style and how it makes me feel. It's a feel good kind of read that goes in so many unexpected ways. This book is a bit different from the first three in that I had some very deep emotions from the characters that I hadn't experienced or expected. There is so much in this book that I can't begin to express how much I really hope other readers open up the series and are pulled into the world of Lorraine Innis. I am so totally glad that I did and "The Girl in the Lime Green Wellies" is even more reason I am. I highly recommend this series. This book is the best one yet!! I'm definitely the kind of a girl who loves Lorraine Innis and G. C. Allen."

"LOL funny! I lost it a few times! This series has the most diverse group of characters. The Girl In The Lime Green Wellies delves deeper into the backgrounds of Lorraine Innis, Chesney Potts and Valerie Ferraro talk about a hoot with some sadness. G.C. Allen rocks it again!"

"Lorraine and Delaware - This series has kept me captivate, because it's based in the great state that I reside in. Couldn't wait to see what Lorraine Innis was going to find herself involved in next. Loved how book 4 tied alot of her past and present together. Please tell me book 5 has been written."

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